Demo Videos & Video Guides July 24 2010

If you add a little to a little, and then do it again, soon that little shall be much.
- Hesiod

Unfortunately it is even harder to keep all the demo movies and video guides current than the written documentation. Watch these movies to get an idea of what you can do with iFuntastic, and how to do it, but please be prepared for inaccuracies in the details.

Making of the "Moonwalk" Theme (v6.6.4 b003 7/18/2009)
Shows how to create a WinterBoard theme for the from scratch.
Demonstrates the use of WinterBoard Templates, Image Editor and iFuntastic in general.

Dev101 Demo (v6.6.0 b002 3/22/2009)
Does 'simulator' sound unsatisfying? 'Toolchain' not your thing?
Develop and run your own applications and command line tools right on your device.
(Not available for iPhone OS 3.0)

Emojincy Surgery (v6.5.0 b001 2/4/2009)
Use the Property Editor to enable use of the Japanese Emoji keyboard in non-Japanese phones. It's a sizable list of cute emoticons to use in SMS, for example. Use the Image Editor to substitute some of them with your own graphics - say, pictures of your friends and family.

Note: this has changed slightly in iPhone OS 3.0 - instead of adding a new Boolean field as shown in the video, add a new Text field and enter the value 1. The key is still the same: KeyboardEmojiEverywhere.

Sound Editing (v6.5.0 b001 2/4/2009)
Convert sound files from a variety of formats (mp3, wav, aif, m4a) into system sounds (or ringtones.) Crop, set fade-in, fade-out and volume. Change them directly, or merge them into new or existing WinterBoard themes.

Jack the Clipper Demo (v6.5.0 b001 2/4/2009)
Create and edit web clips. Make a mini website with your own movie, music, text, HTML and PDF files!

WinterBoard Theme Editing Demo (v6.0.0 b007 10/15/2008)
The hands down, flat out, easiest, awesomest way to create WinterBoard themes!
(I think :-)

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