Hard-, Soft- and Firmware Requirements  Nov 16 2012
  • iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with firmware 2.1 to 6.1.3
  • Macintosh computer - Intel or PowerPC (PPC)
  • Operating System: OS X Tiger(*), Leopard, Snow Leopard or Lion
  • iTunes 7 up to iTunes 11
  • Display size 1280 x 800 - bigger is better, especially for Widgetation
  • 1GB or more of disk space
  • Internet access
iFuntastic is presently available in English only, but questions and comments in German are welcome.

Important Note:
Don't hastily upgrade your firmware (iOS), OS X or iTunes to the latest versions!
You will require a new version of iFuntastic and possibly lose your jailbreak (if any.)
Always read up online about the possible consequences of an upgrade.

(*) iFuntastic does not appear to recognize devices running iOS 6 or higher anymore when running on Tiger. Best approach is to try - if your device is identified correctly in the upper left corner, then everything is in order.