Overview July 24 2010

Out-of-the-Box devices:
  • extend - use your device as USB Storage; copy arbitrary files to and from the device; copy your iTunes library off the device; access your photo library without iTunes (iOS 3.2 and up;) add arbitrary ringtones and set fade-in, fade-out and volume (iPhone only;)
  • Jailbroken devices:
  • enhance - directly change graphics to your liking with the image editor or create sophisticated WinterBoard themes to modify sounds, text and graphics on the fly. Add a movie to your home screen; use the Widgetation page to create HTML5 web pages for the lock screen, home screen or web clips. Display weather information, system information (number of missed calls, unread SMS messages, unread e-mails) and arbitrary text and images at a glance without unlocking your device! Use the new animatable sprite widget for thrills 'n chills.
  • explore - the Finder-like File Manager lets you copy files to and from the device. Built-in sound, text, plist and image editors convert file formats as needed; Easily find graphics with Graphinder: watermark/barcode (almost) all graphics, display them with the Graphinder theme, take a screenshot, mouse-over it and iFuntastic will tell you the name and location of each graphic it can find! the SSH Helper page lets you connect with one click as well as change your password;
  • experiment - build your own web clips with file lists (such as movies that won't play in the iPod) and mini-applications which execute shell scripts;