Examples (3) July 24 2010

The 'Widgetation' page - spruce up your Lock Screen, Home Screen, Web Clips and E-mail Signature! Check out examples and documentation for the new animatable Sprite widget!

Freely position custom widgets on the page.
You can change size, orientation, drop shadow, color and add reflections, borders and transparency.

Available widgets include:
(see animation)
  • Text
  • Image
  • Time and Date
  • Battery Level dependent images
  • Time and date dependent images
  • New Mail, New SMS and Missed Call display
  • Weather information; represented by variables: pick and choose the info you want
  • Freely customizable Analog Clock
  • System Info: used disk space and your phone number
  • Password protected link to another page
  • Embedded web pages (similar to custom made dashboard widgets)
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